Smartphone application at World Expo 2010 directs visitors through ‘Happy Street’

SoGeo providing iPhone and Android phone app and mobile website

SoGeo today announced, that it is providing an application for iPhone and Android phones and a mobile website for the Pavilion of the Netherlands ‘Happy Street’ at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which takes place from 1 May – 31 October, 2010. Both the application and the mobile website allow users to experience the pavilion, and the houses and objects on ‘Happy Street’ in new ways.

Users are able to access information and images for the houses and objects in the pavilion, as well as a map showing where houses are located on ‘Happy Street’. The iPhone application also includes augmented reality (AR) view when walking around the pavilion, showing images and allowing users to experience the representation of the Netherlands even more. This feature will be released after the National Day, 18 May. All information is available in English and Mandarin and users are also connected to the ‘Happy Street’ newsfeed. In addition, all information can be shared with friends.


The application offers an extra service to visitors and proves helpful when navigating through the pavilion. Information about houses and objects becomes more interactive, as it can be shared and accessed before and after visiting the World Expo. Anybody who is not able to visit ‘Happy Street’ can still access all the information and see what is on display at the pavilion.


The application can be found under “Happy Street app” in the iPhone app store and Android market place. For visitors without an iPhone or Android phone, all information is also available on a mobile website ( which is accessible through any mobile phone with internet connection access.


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Notes to Editors:

If you are currently in Shanghai at the World Expo and would like a personal demonstration of the apps and/or the mobile website, please get in touch at contact details below.


Images and a video are available below or upon request.

The Android application and mobile website are available right now; the iPhone application is pending review and will be available later this week.

Update: 18 May - the iPhone application is now available on the iPhone app store

"“With the applications and the mobile website, the overall experience of visiting ‘Happy Street’ becomes enhanced and inspiring. We are proud that our technology is part of this event, allowing the content of the pavilion to be accessible through smartphones and mobile web, and promoting the overall innovation and technology in the Netherlands”." Michiel Verberg, SoGeo
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About SoGeo
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